DIY teeth whitening “hacks” on TikTok has dentists worried

DIY teeth whitening “hacks” on TikTok has dentists worried

A new TikTok trend is spreading quickly. It appears to have started with a girl showing herself applying some weird substance called hydrogen peroxide on cotton swabs before she rubs it on her teeth in order for them to become whiter. This “hack” has not been properly tested, which is why a lot of dentists are worried about the effects it might have on people´s teeth health. 

Various methods

Hydrogen peroxide is not the only experiment people are making on their teeth these days, however. 


Some are applying toothpaste, baking soda, and aluminum foil, thinking it will somehow burn away the yellow color of their teeth and make them perfectly white. 


Others try using bleach so that they won´t have to cash out hundreds of dollars for treatments.

Could be damaging our teeth

One of the main reasons that dentists are doubting these DIY hacks so much, is that they are mostly based on harsh methods that have the goal of scraping away the bad color or dissolving it in some way. 


This might lead to the breaking down of our enamel, the protective layer we have on our teeth and which prevents us from getting cavities. Dentists around the world, from the US to as far away as Norway, are worried about this. Tannlege Prestegaard & Ådalen in Norway are especially voicing their concerns. They work at the local clinic, and believe that the enamel WILL break down with the methods mentioned above and that a lot of people will need professional help to fix their problems. They might even sustain damage to their teeth which can´t be reversed. 


You can imagine someone scrubbing away at a house and adding all sorts of chemicals to “burn away” the dirt that has collected throughout the years. In all likelihood, the painting is going to be torn away, and the wood will thereby be more prone to moisture damages and being weakened by harsh weather. It´s just the same with our dental health. 

We are recommended to stick to the basics

The best solution would be to stick to the basics. Dentists recommend that we simply keep (or start) doing the simple things that have proven effective for maintaining good teeth health: brushing well, flossing, and using health-certified toothpaste and mouth water.