Five things that healthy teeth do to your body

Teeth are vital!

This is an understatement. They are an essential part of your body.  To have a healthy body, we must take care of our teeth. Daily Brushing, scraping of the tongue, flossing before sleeping, and after eating, gargling with mouthwash, should be our routine.  Tooth decay, bad breath, gum diseases are problems that have an effect on our overall body health. If you have your diet under control, all these diseases will have a hard time attacking your body. Your mouth will fight better, and your body will flourish. A healthy mouth encourages a healthy stomach.

Sugar and food acid are one big enemy of our mouth, and if we learn how to control it, we may be able to control the damage it does to our body health. Here are the five most important effects healthy teeth have on our body.

Reduces Risk of Heart Diseases:

Prevailing inflammation that is caused by usual gum disease can be connected to the development of certain cardiovascular issues, these may include heart disease, strokes, and blocked blood vessels among others. You may think this is far-fetching, but experts, through scientific experiments and studying, have made a connection between gum diseases and heart problems. The connection has been made very clear in many studies conducted for this particular purpose. Maintaining healthy oral health will help you keep your heart safe, and as the heart is a major organ, it’s very important to keep it healthy to have a fit and active body.

Helps Preserve Memory:

Bleeding and Swollen gum problems, medically known as gingivitis may affect your memory and dull your cognitive skills.

There was a study done at the leading dentist clinic in Trondheim, Norway. Tannklinikken Dent, giving evidence that people who had swollen gum and bleeding gum tissue compared their results with people who had no such issues.

Those who had these diseases scored less than those who didn’t. The study and outcome were supervised by the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery & Psychiatry. Verbal recall, as well as subtraction, were two tests that are most common in our daily life, and these are the skills that were poorly performed by the people experiencing these problems. An excellent anti-bacterial mouth wash can help reduce this problem.

Increases Self-esteem as well as Confidence:

They don’t look good; they don’t feel right to both the person having it and the person who stands in front of us and talks to us. Bad, decaying, and yellow teeth have an effect on your personality as well as your health. You lose credibility, image, self-esteem as well as your confidence. When you open your mouth, it should be able to impress people, not gross them out. A healthy mouth and pearly white smile increase your chance to impress people

Decreases Infection Risks:

A mouth that has cavities, tooth decay, and infected gums can lead to a lot more infections in the stomach as well. These develop bacteria that travels to our stomach and become the ultimate cause of infections. There are similar and destructive bacteria in both gum diseases as well as rheumatoid arthritis. If you keep a healthy cleaning routine, you will be able to fight these problems better and even end them before they take root in your mouth.

Healthy teeth and Balanced Blood Sugar:

You become more susceptive to infections if you have diabetics. With people with diabetes, it’s hard to fight infections. With diabetics, your immunity goes down which leads to many infections as well as gum diseases. When you have healthy teeth, you don’t have to worry about these extra issues. Healthy teeth will keep your sugar levels in check, and there will be no issues of infectious problems.