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DIY teeth whitening “hacks” on TikTok has dentists worried

DIY teeth whitening “hacks” on TikTok has dentists worried

A new TikTok trend is spreading quickly. It appears to have started with a girl showing herself applying some weird substance called hydrogen peroxide on cotton swabs before she rubs it on her teeth in order for them to become whiter. This “hack” has not been properly tested, which is why a lot of dentists are worried about the effects it might have on people´s teeth health. 

Various methods

Hydrogen peroxide is not the only experiment people are making on their teeth these days, however. 


Some are applying toothpaste, baking soda, and aluminum foil, thinking it will somehow burn away the yellow color of their teeth and make them perfectly white. 


Others try using bleach so that they won´t have to cash out hundreds of dollars for treatments.

Could be damaging our teeth

One of the main reasons that dentists are doubting these DIY hacks so much, is that they are mostly based on harsh methods that have the goal of scraping away the bad color or dissolving it in some way. 


This might lead to the breaking down of our enamel, the protective layer we have on our teeth and which prevents us from getting cavities. Dentists around the world, from the US to as far away as Norway, are worried about this. Tannlege Prestegaard & Ådalen in Norway are especially voicing their concerns. They work at the local clinic, and believe that the enamel WILL break down with the methods mentioned above and that a lot of people will need professional help to fix their problems. They might even sustain damage to their teeth which can´t be reversed. 


You can imagine someone scrubbing away at a house and adding all sorts of chemicals to “burn away” the dirt that has collected throughout the years. In all likelihood, the painting is going to be torn away, and the wood will thereby be more prone to moisture damages and being weakened by harsh weather. It´s just the same with our dental health. 

We are recommended to stick to the basics

The best solution would be to stick to the basics. Dentists recommend that we simply keep (or start) doing the simple things that have proven effective for maintaining good teeth health: brushing well, flossing, and using health-certified toothpaste and mouth water. 

What’s best, regular or electric toothbrush?


There are many arguments as to why electric toothbrushes are better than regular ones. But then again, there are also many arguments to the contrary. In this short article, we will try to answer the question: “What’s best, regular or electric toothbrush?”

Electric toothbrush upsides

The electric toothbrush has the feature of shaking or turning at a high frequency, which is an excellent way of washing away the bacteria and plaque from your teeth. Since this toothbrush is motor-driven, it enables you to get many more “brushes” in a single movement.

Cleanses away plaque more easily.

Research has, in fact, proven that electric toothbrushes are good at removing plaque and that they outcompete standard toothbrushes in this way. Further, the toothbrushes that turn around and around have been better than those that go from side to side.


If you have any physical impairment which makes it either impossible or painful to perform rapid movements such as tooth cleaning, then the electric toothbrush will help you. You will still need to move the brush across your teeth to clean them, but at least you don’t need to perform the same quick movements as those you would need for manual toothbrushing.


The cost is usually higher for electric than for regular toothbrushes. It would be best if you swapped out the toothbrush head continually, and therefore the costs can accumulate quite a lot over time.

Also, many people dislike the sensation of having the toothbrush vibrate in their mouth. It may tickle, itch, or even hurt.

Man and woman brushing teeth

Regular toothbrush upsides

Regular toothbrushes are the standard option for most people. They’ve existed far longer than the electric ones, and they will probably keep existing, despite the many innovations which are being done on the “toothbrush market.”

Ready at hand

Go to any local supermarket or food shop, and you’ll easily find regular toothbrushes. From the moment you buy them, you can start using them. No need to buy batteries or charge up the brush. Just use it.


Regular toothbrushes cost less than electric ones. Often they only cost one dollar. You’ll struggle to find an electric toothbrush for that price (new!).


Research has shown that people are more prone to using too much force when they brush their teeth with a regular toothbrush instead of an electric one. This is a downside because it may cause damage to your “little white food crunchers.”

Most people also brush their teeth for way too short a time. It can be hard to be aware of how long you have been brushing your teeth. With many electric brushes there is a built-in timer, but with the regular ones, it’s best if we either develop a good habit of brushing our teeth patiently, or we may even use a phone timer.


The head dentist and CEO of Tannlege Fredrikstad, says that “As with all tools, both the regular and the electric toothbrushes are great for brushing your teeth – as long as you use them correctly.”

To give a more concrete recommendation, electric toothbrushes do come out as being better for removing plaque. In the end it’s best if you try both and see which one you like the most.


Five things that healthy teeth do to your body

Teeth are vital!

This is an understatement. They are an essential part of your body.  To have a healthy body, we must take care of our teeth. Daily Brushing, scraping of the tongue, flossing before sleeping, and after eating, gargling with mouthwash, should be our routine.  Tooth decay, bad breath, gum diseases are problems that have an effect on our overall body health. If you have your diet under control, all these diseases will have a hard time attacking your body. Your mouth will fight better, and your body will flourish. A healthy mouth encourages a healthy stomach.

Sugar and food acid are one big enemy of our mouth, and if we learn how to control it, we may be able to control the damage it does to our body health. Here are the five most important effects healthy teeth have on our body.

Reduces Risk of Heart Diseases:

Prevailing inflammation that is caused by usual gum disease can be connected to the development of certain cardiovascular issues, these may include heart disease, strokes, and blocked blood vessels among others. You may think this is far-fetching, but experts, through scientific experiments and studying, have made a connection between gum diseases and heart problems. The connection has been made very clear in many studies conducted for this particular purpose. Maintaining healthy oral health will help you keep your heart safe, and as the heart is a major organ, it’s very important to keep it healthy to have a fit and active body.

Helps Preserve Memory:

Bleeding and Swollen gum problems, medically known as gingivitis may affect your memory and dull your cognitive skills.

There was a study done at the leading dentist clinic in Trondheim, Norway. Tannklinikken Dent, giving evidence that people who had swollen gum and bleeding gum tissue compared their results with people who had no such issues.

Those who had these diseases scored less than those who didn’t. The study and outcome were supervised by the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery & Psychiatry. Verbal recall, as well as subtraction, were two tests that are most common in our daily life, and these are the skills that were poorly performed by the people experiencing these problems. An excellent anti-bacterial mouth wash can help reduce this problem.

Increases Self-esteem as well as Confidence:

They don’t look good; they don’t feel right to both the person having it and the person who stands in front of us and talks to us. Bad, decaying, and yellow teeth have an effect on your personality as well as your health. You lose credibility, image, self-esteem as well as your confidence. When you open your mouth, it should be able to impress people, not gross them out. A healthy mouth and pearly white smile increase your chance to impress people

Decreases Infection Risks:

A mouth that has cavities, tooth decay, and infected gums can lead to a lot more infections in the stomach as well. These develop bacteria that travels to our stomach and become the ultimate cause of infections. There are similar and destructive bacteria in both gum diseases as well as rheumatoid arthritis. If you keep a healthy cleaning routine, you will be able to fight these problems better and even end them before they take root in your mouth.

Healthy teeth and Balanced Blood Sugar:

You become more susceptive to infections if you have diabetics. With people with diabetes, it’s hard to fight infections. With diabetics, your immunity goes down which leads to many infections as well as gum diseases. When you have healthy teeth, you don’t have to worry about these extra issues. Healthy teeth will keep your sugar levels in check, and there will be no issues of infectious problems.

Best Ways to Keep Your Teeth Healthy

Having a goof oral odour isn’t always dependent on your practices; it can also result from certain ailments. But as many people think, oral health is not about emanating zero bad odour. It is rather amusing for people to think of oral health to be so trivial. A person’s teeth and gums play an important role in the body’s proper functioning; so, you need to take care of your teeth at all times. If you have had nice teeth since childhood, you have to make sure that you take all the necessary steps to keep it healthy all your life. This habit needs to be developed right from a young age, and it should involve everything from buying the right oral care products to brushing twice a day. Here are some of the ways you must adopt to keep your teeth healthy.

1.     Brush Your Teeth Before Going to Bed

Most people have become accustomed to the practice of starting their day by brushing their teeth, which is appreciable. But it is more important that you end the day the same way. Almost everyone is aware of the recommendation to brush at least twice a day, but the majority of them fail to do so. Brushing before going to bed is more important than brushing in the morning because it helps you get rid of the plaque and germs that have nestled in your tooth.

2.     Proper Brushing

The pattern you follow while brushing your teeth is as equally important as taking the decision to brush at night. Doing it for the sake of it without brushing the farthest corners of your line of teeth will not help you. Move the toothbrush gently without hurting your gums, and make sure to do it over every area. Circular motions would be ideal for the removal of plaque.

3.     Clean Your Tongue

People are mostly unaware of the fact that plaque can build upon their tongue. Badmouth odour is usually developed due to the improper maintenance of the tongue’s hygiene. It can further lead to other serious oral health issues. Make sure to clean your tongue by gently brushing it each time you brushy your teeth.

4.     Buy a Fluoride Toothpaste

Whitening powers and flavour might be the elements you look for in a toothpaste; you must also check the presence of fluoride in it. Since fluoride acts as a great defence against the decaying components on your tooth, it is imperative that you use such toothpaste.

5.     Floss Your Teeth

Flossing is often glossed over by most people without giving it the same importance as that of brushing. In order to keep your teeth clean, flossing must also be a part of your practice. It not only removes the tiny bits of food remnants from your teeth; the gums get stimulated, and the inflammation in the area with plaque can also be reduced.

6.     Drink Water

The intake of at least eight glasses of water every day is necessary for healthy body functions. It also helps in washing down all the sticky foods from your mouth into your digestive system. So, you must drink enough water after every meal

Gum Pain: Quick Relief Methods

When talking about oral health, it is most often the teeth that is put under discussion. The gum that accommodates the teeth is left to have its own way of dealing with unhealthy situations. Every part of your body needs to be taken care of with equal importance if you need to stay healthy. Gum pains are common among all age groups, and it could happen due to a number of reasons. Wearing braces, dentures, or retainers could be the reason for the pain. It could also be a result of you brushing your teeth too hard.

Women might experience this pain during their periods, menopause, other hormonal changes, or even during pregnancy. More serious oral health issues like periodontitis and gingivitis could also be the reason for the pain. You need to find the cause for the pain and get it treated before the issue aggravates. Here are a few home remedies that provide you with quick relief from the gum pain.

1.     Rinsing with Saltwater

Make a mixture of one cup of warm water and one teaspoon of salt, and swish it in your mouth for a few minutes. Spit it out once done; make sure not to swallow it. The swelling in your gum could be due to the growth of bacteria, which can be prevented by rinsing saltwater in your mouth. Do this at least twice a day if you experience this pain in your gum.

2.     Compress

A hot or a cold compress can help in alleviating the pain. If you prefer the hot compress, take only a pan of warm water; boiling water can cause more pain in your face and gums. When the water has heated to a tolerable limit, soak a clean cloth in it and squeeze out the excess water. Press that damp cloth to your face gently on that area where the pain has become excruciating. Do not apply this pressure directly to your gum because the delicate tissues cannot take the pressure or the heat. When you want to try a cold compress, use a clean cloth to wrap an ice pack in it. Apply it on your face like in the hot compress method. You could also use both these methods alternately to reduce the swelling faster.

3.     Use Herbs

Traditional medicine has always been the spices and herbs produced in the farms. These natural products can give relief like no other, making them one of the best home remedies for gum pain. Use herbs like clove powder or turmeric powder at the areas where you have pain. Make a paste of these herbs by mixing their powdered form with a little warm water. Applying it directly to the gum frequently can help in subsiding the pain.

4.     Teabags

Make a cup of tea with the teabag, or simply dip it in boiling water for five minutes, and apply it to the painful gums when cooled. Bags of hibiscus tea, black tea, or green tea might be the best options in such cases. A teabag that combines the flavors of chamomile and ginger can also be a great remedy.